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I wonder how many champions of love have known love only as a giver? Maybe that is why they promoted it so heavily? But love that goes only one way – out – is incomplete and leaves a person restless. The need to fix a situation to self-soothe and to overcompensate for a lack of something that didn’t arrive but was expected, something so essential, could have turned into the motivation to teach others that it is “holier”, “higher” and “safer” to love than to expect to be loved.

You know that something is missing in that – the balance.

Even self-love that ends up being a giving is part of the imbalance for as long as it is a corrective measure, a response to the outside and a deficit there, rather than a participation in the wholeness of love.

It is fine to rely on it, that love must return, that love must come back to you in some form. In fact, it is the healthier attitude, one that will let you make better choices.

7 February 2016

#emotionalintelligence #balance #receiving #bliss #kundalini

#mercy #loveisattention #mystics #counselors #experts #culturalcreatives

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