Dance Into 2021

Photo credit to free videos. Neaten up your space for 2021 with tunes.

You have already reviewed 2020. Enough of that. You are quite aware of what you are taking into 2021. Aren’t you?

Today is this year’s last opportunity to let go of stuff that you are leaving behind or using as compost. You can fight with the task of cleaning out your rooms with an attitude like “What? Why do I have to clean again?!” Or you can imagine yourself living the life that thrills you and decide what you are using and what delights you in the life that thrills you.

In a way, you are choosing the lens of The Preserver over the lens of The Destroyer, or some other agitation. The Preserver as an archetypal energy within you can help you make wise choices about how to handle time, money and possessions, and can help you make fast decisions in situations where you have not established particularly functional routines.

Many wisdom traditions from all over the world share the (symbolic) idea that the first day of the year is a taste for how the entire year will unfold. Welcomes of the New Year with impressions of luck and loveliness, calm and prosperity, and with positive company and the people you love are stored in your cellular memory and belong to the most universal human customs that survived throughout the ages and will live on for a long, long time. You too can be part of it tomorrow!

On the day before such an event, homes were prepared for a gathering and for all that good stuff that was expected to come in soon… or later.

Since so many people had an extremely difficult year and are hoping for relief, closure and some medicine to the experience of 2020, try to do what the ancestors did: do not chew over everything that happened this year anymore. Open your doors. Clear the path to your door. So that your visitors and fresh and alive and auspicious energy can come in.

The people who walked before us knew a lot about what it means to trust in life — because they were out in nature, and drew their insights from connecting with the elements. By observing the earth, they cultivated stamina, openness, grit and appreciation for the fertility that had fed them and the fertility of the next harvest that would feed them, even though they saw no signs thereof yet.

Borrow their attitude.

It has proven itself time and time again.

Today’s obsession with other people’s limited horizons, bad moods, catastrophizing conclusions but confident way of speaking is actually a form of superstition that rarely survives scrutiny.

While the old-fashioned way of trying to harmonize with the seasons and keeping an open mind and letting go of what died in order to welcome what wants to be born is an art.

May your 2020 end with clean and inviting rooms, nice smelling air, a festive touch, and the anticipation of friendly events in 2021. Blessings to all ready to receive them.


31 December 2020

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