A World Of Less Stress

Gaia. Astronaut’s photo.

I am grateful to all who are working for a world of less misery, disease and stress.

It may be impossible to co-create a world of no misery, no disease, no stress, and perhaps we only truly appreciate contentment, health and relaxation through contrast.. The aim to free yourself of less desirable conditions may be forever out of reach, since those too belong to life and to your life, even enhance your appreciation of what you have been given, your time, and your power to move something.

On the other hand, the aim to reduce misery, disease and stress, and make some of it obsolete, is proactive and very possible. It is rewarding and the proof that you have understood something. You are joining a lot of good people who have come alive by not putting up with suffering and who embarked on a journey to find a solution and deliver it.

Just for today, I am grateful to every one of them.

20 October 2016

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