Be Like That, Be Like Me

In the garden coop 2016

The unusually warm year offers another benefit (beside the warmth): a third growing season for the roses.

In the symbolic reading that is an appeal to the heart and to restoring harmony in all our ways. Roses, with their old and long-lasting association of romance and refinement and their aromatherapeutic effects on the heart and on confidence tell us that there is a way to communicate through upliftment that may be more effective than any other style. Thorns are part of the rose too to remind us of respect: that respect is the basis of all good relationships.

“Smelling the roses” can not prettify the fact that the earth is warming. Enjoying the moment will not replace the demand for a change in the paradigm, in politics, in education. However, nature, the teacher of all holistic principles, will reassure us: It never gives up on people, and it never gives up on its own designs. The nurturing goes on because it is life. Eventually the mind understands that too.

And so the roses become an invitation to “be like that, be like me” and you can appreciate yourself even more and the third growing season of roses becomes a blessing to take in and to share.

5 October 2016

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