Awestruck? (Guidance, Hello!) Claim it.

Photo credit to Freepik

If you ever feel your heart sinking because you were just shown an inspiration, and you catch yourself thinking: “I will never … get the chance.. to

– live in a home like that

– live in a region like that

– have a job like that

– drive a car like that

– wear a dress like that

– date a man like that


(- fill in the blank)…

stop your thoughts and ask yourself:

How will I

– live in this home

– live in this region

– work at this job

– drive in this car

– wear this dress

– date this man..

… fill in the blank with your personal thrill ..

… even blend those pieces of inspiration into one vision.. (Maybe everything will come together deliciously!)

… Then follow the answer.

You don’t know yet, if you will or won’t. Time will tell. But cut through the unworthiness yap, challenge it, do not use it as an excuse to not pursue a much lovelier state of being.

Inspiration provides the nutrients to who you are becoming.

Go explore it. Learn from it. Make yourself available to it.

Listen to yourself like a boss.

15 October 2017

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