Forgiveness To The Past

In a dream last night I met a person from the past, a past long ago, with whom I had a rather difficult exchange, yet the feeling in the dream was like the feeling I have with a person I intensely love.

Maybe that is a sign that the practice of sending the message of “May you be truly and abundantly happy” to your love, your friend, then to someone neutral, then to an enemy works within the subconscious too.

I don’t know why my mind picked that particular person whom I had not thought about for years, have had no contact with for over 18 years, but that felt very cleansing. In response to the situation I felt a certain way then; now the memory of it has warmed up and leaves no traces of sadness, self-righteous vibes, or the assumption that that person may have “helped me” to keep my heart open. But that all is well. If at all, that encounter taught me to move towards being loved and that everyone can stay as they are and I can stay in my own energy and remain centred. It is a profoundly peaceful feeling.

More dreams like that, please. Ha ha.

3 October 2016

#peace #reconciliation

#warmheartedness #solidandfree

#selfdiscovery #signatureenergy

#like attractslike

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