Homage to Barry White and to the Power of the Erotic

Barry White, born on 12 September 1944 – 2003


give musicians (and artists) the power that Barry White had. Too many today think they are hot (?) but are merely self-involved and not giving anything that suggests lovemaking or feels even remotely sensual.

Barry White – he knew seduction. The music was luscious, high quality and fun, even prosocial.

Notice the lyrics: no sob stories, no mother blaming, no blaming of an ex or of exes, no hate of feminism, no fear of intimacy, no contempt for children, no worry about his masculinity – none of that, but a departure from all that:

delight in pleasure.

With the implied hope for more. Not only for more pleasure, but for love too.

He got it.

12 September 2015

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