Sounds Of the Living

In the Mediterranean

The difference between the developing and the developed world is that in the developing world you can always hear old men shout somewhere in the background, and dogs bark, whereas in the developed world, you don’t hear a peep from old men and dogs are safely hidden away, and that in the developed world adult males whine, look and feel offended, gossip and sue in courts very often, but won’t shout in the outdoors.

I prefer when the dogs bark and the old men shout in the outdoors. Who am I to question nature?

The gossipers and sulkers invested in manipulation and power games are ridiculous – denatured, legalistic, easy to brainwash, thrilled by the most toxic stories that the culture provides, cold to everything else.

Far-flung theories have suggested that sexuality and aggression are repressed in the developed world, but the numbers do not confirm it at all. What is repressed are feelings, the vitality that feelings express… and spontaneous shouts too… A society that makes sounds disappear, pathologizes feelings, denatures its people, reduces all instincts and feelings to two forms – sexuality and aggression – needs to be challenged. Because it creates pervasive, difficult to pinpoint yet palpable, costly dysfunctions.

We are not meant to live with noise exclusively generated by technology. We need the sounds of animals, weather, leaves, water, people to stay well. …

22 August 2018

#biophilia #natureismusic #foreverwild

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