Switch On the Romance!

Photo credit to Diario de Uma Sementeira

Nothing is lost when you do. Everything might be gained.

Regardless of outcome, you are having a better experience with your time. Make the effort to have the best time you can have. You are doing it for the One who lives inside your heart and inside your cells. Make that One smile first.

Who says that smiles don’t make you aware? Awareness rises through struggle, awareness rises through smiling. There is no way around awareness; life provides it.

The quality of awareness is only contingent on the quality of a person’s attention and less on what they are experiencing and how much. You can become aware by observing, especially by observing what is helpful and emulating that. (You don’t need drama, in fact, it can slow down awareness, though it hammers the point home, sure enough, and you don’t forget it. That is why the awareness gained by drama seems more intense. However, another path is possible.)

Awareness comes faster when you make yourself smile. In fact, it sets the stage for living with awareness and gentleness.

Switch on the romance, and you walk with more grace, safety and freedom.

13 June 2015

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