Venus In Cancer

~ from 7 August to early September 2020 ~

Image by the Permaculture Institute of Ontario

This is one of the better positions for Venus.

Cancer is a homebody, so love (Venus) comes home and is with the family in this transit.

It is a really good time to nurture yourself and notice how you have more to give when you feel cared for.

The sign of Cancer is also the archetypal mother of the zodiac, the maternal principle, caring and dedication to all that is growing. Venus in Cancer invites your inner mother to you, the question of “Where, who and what is my home, my refuge?”, and allows you to strengthen your self-parenting skills and your self-pampering routines.

This Venus position has a lot to do with food too and what you absorb in general. Make sure that your food, water, information intake is making you healthier and builds your energy and zest for life.

9 August 2020

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