Heart, Mind and Body Are One

Infused water, by Tasty Yummies.

A lot of people – in new age and beyond – use the term “love” to make a point that that they can’t trust their brains.

Is that necessary? No.

Your brain is there to support you. Don’t make it your enemy. Or you will never be whole or at peace with yourself. You will run after “love”, a concept of love that is the heroic overcoming of all your thoughts and (darker) feelings or some kind of soothing rain to the processes you wish to avoid.

That is avoidance. That is not love. In fact, it is fear-based.

And it comes across! The person who lives like that has a very ungrounded, often “loud” energy, with no core strength inside.

A person who lives from love is in a much friendlier energy, one that is not preachy but fun to be around. A high level of creativity and joy, resilience and equanimity, and good bonds with the family (of choice) are the sure signs of a life lived from love.



9 August 2015

About the image: we are water too.

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