Reiki Circle in July 2020

Comet NEOWISE by AstroBob, Minnesota, July 2020

We are meeting in the sacred circle and letting reiki flow:

May the soils on our planet become alive, nutritious and fertile places.

May the waters clean up, keep running, and be pleasant homes to all water animals.

May the people use the resources well and live in friendly homes and friendly communities. 

Today we are blessing our foundations, our homes, our income situations, our first chakra energy and topics with thanks and love. 

Today we are feeding our securities and our confidence to advance our personal and regional contentment and comfort.

As we are sending and receiving reiki, may you notice ease in the body, a juicy activation in the heart and the belly, clarity in the mind and smart thoughts in the head.

May you notice the gentle expansion of all your positives, like a plant that turns its crown to the sun and becomes stronger, takes up more space, takes in more light and grows. Let yourself enjoy that sensation for a while.

Thank all the elements that fortified you on the way.

An easy and fragrant Friday to all.


17 July 2020

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