Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is the worst drug ever. Highly addictive and very destructive. No one will warn you about it — unless they lived through it and have compassion for you. Unlike other addictions, it will take long to accept that you are addicted to loving those who can not reciprocate. If you do it twice, know that you have taught yourself a pattern.

Don’t get hooked on one-sided love. Observe who you are relating to. When they give you enough signs that they are incapable of caring, detox right away.

Shower your affection on those who are happy to receive it. Give your time to causes that improve the conditions for others.

Don’t hang inside one-sided love affairs. You won’t only come of them with mistrust and memories that hurt, robbed of everything that you had in abundance before; you will spend years on repairing your life. Then you will listen to the guilt of those who have been on the receiving end of another’s love addiction and have benefited from it and mistake it for advice. Don’t fall for it — those advisors have their own agenda and no pity for you.

Like any other addict, notice your triggers and steer away from them, choosing the path of health and balance and humility. Your vulnerability can open the door to a talent, a sensitivity, a unique gift. Use it for the upliftment of life, not for more self-sacrifice.

4 September 2016

#nofearinrelationships #mindfulness #newchoices #courage #harmony

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