O Sole Mio

The sun warms the earth.
In appreciation, the earth nurtures its readiest roots and shoots
and develops flowers and a profusion of plants
that feeds all life.

The sun warms the body.
In appreciation, the body nurtures its best inclinations
and develops luminous flower-like centres of energy
and luxurious well-being.

Just for today, I am aware
that the sun loves the earth
with a lasting generosity and with success of such proportions
the human can never fully comprehend
but benefits from anyway.

Just for today, I am grateful
for the sun on my skin.
It makes me feel good.
It makes me feel lit from within.
It gives me oomph.
Sunshine is so happy and good,
it makes me smile,
it lets me see how easy it is to be grateful.

8 April 2015

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