Create With Ease

Artwork by Tony Scheving

Practise and play while you are happy and neutral.

So when you get sad or are in pain, you can draw on your practice and still be creative.

When there are obstacles – outer or inner – it is especially important that you keep playing, not only to lift your mood, shift it upward, and to mend your heart, but to be who you are, creative one.

Once you dissociate from your identity, i.e. once you stop playing, you succumb to the forces around you – your well-being goes downhill.

(It is fine when the community around you is loving and kind. I bow to the person so lucky to rely on love from his environment – what a great life he has created.

A heterosexual woman living in a city may pull out of habits that exhaust her; however can not take such a positive, nurturing environment for granted. Be aware of it, if you are that woman.)

The practice of creativity is a godsend. Respect it. Give yourself to it every day. Even when you are too tired, or you have to steal a time slot for it. Do it anyway. A little bit of play every day adds up to a lot in a year.

You move into harmony with your self.

It is an investment in your self-acceptance, your health, your good cheer and the end of being at odds with yourself.

You are at odds indeed: with a society that is uncreative and passive.

But you are taking the clue from within now.

You can not be like others. You know that you really have to be you. That the creative flow is bigger than anyone’s ego. That you have to flow with it too.

Flow, flow, flow with it.

06 April 2015

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