To Anandamayi Ma

Anandamayi Ma, 30 April 1896 – 1982

Your every word is so correct
though unscripted,
it speaks straight to the heart,
alive and clean
like water
coming from the silence within,
intimate with the connection
of all particles
living in The One.

Your teachings
are not borrowed.
You say what every other mystic has said
with devotion and simplicity.
You only had three years of school.
Yet you speak with a wisdom
that amazed the most read and religious.

You told them,
“There is a great book of life.
To one who dived deep into it
all truths
of science, philosophy and allied subjects
never remain unexplored.”

Your words have an immediate tone.
There are no repetitions.
Yet there is cohesion in the content,
one uninterrupted flow
of a mind in meditation.

Linked to a shape
that is sublime and sweet.
The fabulous feminine.
I am happy to be a woman
when I look at you.

30 April 2015,
119 years after her birth

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