Look Deeply: Watch Your Consumption

The scrutiny you apply when you read the content on some jar that you will consume, use it when you read information.

Or, if you are good at assessing the information you read, read the ingredients on the products you consume with the same discernment.

(Only great musicians deserve groupies. Even that is debatable. I am a big music fan.) Salespeople, politicians, corporations, YouTube, popular media, new age, gurus, everyone with an agenda to sell you some kind of fiction have to earn your support. If one person deserves your devotion, it is your loved one, the one who actually shows their love to you and doesn’t just take it. But, some joker out there in the public? P l e a s e. Cults of personality are so yesterday.

You can eat bad food and transition to better food and still stay healthy.

You can not read misleading information, gobble it up like it is nourishment, and make good decisions. The damage of propaganda is much worse than the damage of less than good food. Plus, a transition to better information is neither guaranteed, nor smooth.

Don’t follow blindly. Don’t pursue blindly. Withdraw your support from ideas that were designed to weaken you. Do not endorse anything less than kind and beneficial and that you can apply in your daily life. Put your energy behind great inventions, coexistence and actual love, not drivel, not saccharine imagery that says nothing about the substance in it. It is all advertising.

The truth in you resonates with the truth outside of you, just like your body knows which food it wants and needs in order to stay healthy. If you clutter your intuition with messages that are the equivalent of fast food, you will walk by the truth and not know it.

Choose quality. Every day.

10 September 2017

#detox #glamour #inconsistencies #warmongering

#nondistractedliving #mindfulness

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