Earth Send on 24 March 2023

Artwork by Jenson Yang, who decided to offer it for free at Freepik

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and our first earth send in the spring (or in the autumn, if you are in the global south) of 2023.

The new season initiates the agricultural and the astrological new year. Iran held onto the concept that nature knows best when we feel mobilized and when it truly feels like the beginning of growth. Happy sowing of your year’s harvest to all who grow edibles. Happy cultivation to all plant enthusiasts, all gardeners and all gardeners of the psyche. May your skill, wisdom and enthusiasm grow in 2023.

Everyone who has requested reiki and is ready to receive is getting it from me and this circle on this day. People who have asked for good thoughts and prayers in their challenges or creativity process, are getting them, too.

I want to remind all the participants to go deeper into gratitude for all the lucky events, for all the positive turns on our journey, for all the knowledgeable, wise and warm-hearted people who have offered their time, instruction and generosity and whose presence in our lives has improved our existence.

Please do not send gratitude telepathically to people who you don’t honestly feel grateful to. Instead, make room for the characters who you feel grateful to and thanks to whom your life is in a better shape than it would have been without them.

I will explain this attitudinal tweak in the coming months. I have alluded to it before.

Your spiritual practice can be detoxified as well. You will be amazed at the progress you make when you come clean and let your true gratitude flood your body and energetic body. It is a completely different experience than thanking a shady ex for making you repair your mental health, your finances, or improve your taste in men (or women) – after that devastation that they caused. By not directing mental energy to negative personalities and hard lessons, you free yourself up to see the good in your life. In many ways, it can feel like opening your eyes for the first time!

I am not promoting unforgiveness, by the way. That wouldn’t be in harmony with any practice or inner healing. I am simply redirecting you to find the people who open your heart and who brought ease, empowerment, health and joy to you – very different qualities than people who a better version of you, or someone with great sense, told you to stay away from.

We can find freedom from traumatic memories and traumatic bonds, too, once we decide to not engage with them anymore.

I have done enough inner work that the person I could be and the person I am are quite far apart, and while not all of that needs to be verbalized, I have noticed that many of us stay vulnerable to programming, because we do not switch off some buttons for good.

It takes a while to find the switch off button. But meditation enables a perspective that is quite like a birds’ eye view, and many of us have been challenged by people who would have been less attractive to us, if we had been more whole when we met them, and who stunted our development. I always find it sad to hear people “thank” the personalities who made their life hard and poorer.

I understand that there are inevitable grey zones, too, and that some reiki practitioners come from the other end of experiences and want to improve their conduct, going forward.

While we hold the circle, please choose uncomplicated gratitude, so that at least on Fridays, you access gratitude with purity of spirit.

Wonderful targets of gratitude are health care providers, librarians and messengers of information, growers of food, therapeutic companions, composers and highly inspiring human beings.

On this Friday, you can join me in finding creativity and in detecting when we are responsible with our own creativity and how we can tap into it respectfully and abundantly.

We are envisioning a world of coexistence, adequate peace, resourcefulness and conflict resolution. We are vibing with the planet of mutually beneficial relationships, gratitude, wonder and regeneration.

May this day shower you with all the impressions of well-being, healthy decisionmaking and brilliant ideas that you can manifest this year. Allow yourself to linger in gratitude for all that you have been given. I am grateful to everything that made me cross paths with you, my gentle readers.

Itadakimasu, with love.

24 March 2022

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