Earth Send On 24 February 2023

Crocus in the snow, by Simon Dyer

Welcome to this day’s meditation for the well-being of all, our circle of gratitude to Gaia and all other providers, and our reiki send.

Reiki is going out to all who can receive it and have asked for it.

Gratitude and respect flows to all the people and situations that have brought us here. Let’s emphasize positive influences in the past and the people who were once responsible for us — featured in the reiki rule “Just for today, I will honour my elders and teachers.” It is very beneficial to expand the circle of positive influences and backers on the plane of reality. On the inner planes, we can also expand the group of helpful people by noticing lucky coincidences, the individuals who directed us to wholesome interests, to more order and beauty, and who inspire us to align our lifestyle to our values and to develop our creativity, loving kindness and affirmation of life. Find more people to be grateful to and whose skillfullness you admire. Find the contents that directed you to the blessings in your life. Let your gratitude for all the ingredients of good fortune in your life bubble up.

In the healing communities that I have been part of, I often heard praise for people who were not good to them, because “they” made them go to therapy, or the confusion brought on catalyzed a journey to self-exploration. It is an extraordinarily optimistic, covertly people-pleasing interpretation of the events. I suggest that we curb the tendency to give thanks for the noxious and wounding forces that we dealt with and become more honest with ourselves.

Bring pure and heartfelt gratitude to our healing circle. Cut the chords. Release the memories of complicated emotions. It is time to declutter our perception and clear the decks. That too will let you see what is good in your life.

I have said it before, I will say it again: you can see the treasures when you carry out the trash.

A lot of people have become insecure about sounding judgemental. But a more problematic habit is to hold onto junk for much, much longer than necessary. Words of gratitude can not dress up or redeem bitterness. In order to transform bitterness, move your focus away from memories that you want to fade away.

In the Northern hemisphere, we are in seed sowing season. Let me know which seeds you have selected and what you look forward to growing this year.

This Ontario winter has been milder than any winter before. I have also claimed Scandi chic and ski clothing as my winter wardrobe. So I suffered much less this season. I had a lot of fun walking in the land. Perhaps you remember how much I love exploring places by foot and that my identity is wrapped up in being a walker. I did not have to pause walking this winter, I am happy to say. Adjusting to the weather and respecting my body’s need for warmth and comfort was a terrific decision all in all. Yay!

I am grateful for the longer day light, and I look forward to spring.

The last weeks have been a very dynamic time for me. I am excited about what this year will bring.

Great astrologers have predicted that when Pluto transits into Aquarius in the week of the spring Equinox, many annoying personalities in governments and cliquish societies are going to recede into the background and people with an egalitarian, futuristic or humanitarian attitude will be taking a seat on the chairs that have been freed.

Pluto is still in Capricorn that rules tradition, structure, institutions, rules and patriarchs. You can imagine Pluto as a teenage punk raising hell. Aquarius is the sign of future orientation, networks, friends, the public spirit and common concerns. So when that punk of a planet / archetype enters Aquarius, our friendships, social contacts and charitable involvements will be under scrutiny and under construction.

So late March 2023 could surprise us. You may not buy into astrological forecasts; but this transit is intriguing… and pretty much what a doctor would want to prescribe for the world. Ha ha ha.

May this day’s balmy energy hold you in its hug. Santosha, good vibes and, once again, thank you for being here with me.

24 February 2023

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