Earth Send On 30 December 2022

Image credit: Shutterstock

We are meeting in meditation for the well-being of all life, our session of gratitude and our reiki send.

Everyone who has asked for reiki and can receive it is getting it today. All our participants are being bathed in reiki and blessings. The earth, our shared home, is being bathed in love and our hearts’ light.

This is our last Earth Send of a year that has been dramatic, full of surprises and insights. My hope is that you keep up the practice of genuine gratitude. I firmly believe that gratitude can restore everyone’s outlook and wake up the mind to a parallel reality that has been here all along: a reality that is worth celebrating, amazing and sustainable.

Since we are in the festive season, I won’t take up much of your time. Please enjoy your party prepping, music, companions and late year traditions. Remember to clean up before you welcome 2023. The old custom of getting rid of surplus, clutter, debts and dust before the first of January is sensible and lets freshness in. Imperfect clean-ups and reorganizations are better than none. Do your best. Pamper yourself afterwards.

We are letting go of the old year, grateful to the upgrades and warm and lit moments that we have integrated and grateful that necessary completions on the world stage and in our lives are unfolding between now and spring Equinox.

Let’s dance into the New Year 2023.

30 December 2022

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