Persistence And Perseverance

Persistence and perseverance will get you everything you want.

There are no shortcuts around it. Occasionally, something amazing falls into your lap or crosses your path. But even amazing won’t linger, if you have not cultivated persistence and perseverance.

Grow the attitude of “Persistence and Perseverance” if you want to feel luckier and happier and if you want to instill a winning mindset in your children and your students.

Messages about self-esteem have failed at least 2 generations who have little to show for beyond an inflated self-image. That is so forgettable, irresponsible and toxic: it strengthened clueless narcissists and no knowledge.

Don’t inundate yourself with pep talk about how “great you are”, imagine that no one cares and that everyone chews on the same mantras, and if everyone is “so great”, where is that greatness in action and in facts?

It is an absurd show, not more.

Take back your power and work on your persistence and perseverance. With that, you can steer anywhere you want to go.

9 January 2019

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