World Water Day

Image credit to Pixabay

Water, my life’s theme.. Water is life.

I let go of my naivete about our relationship with water in grade 4. Our teacher took us on a trip to a landfill and the municipal water purification system. I couldn’t foresee that that trip would affect me so much.

I recall even having an attitude before the trip: “Why of all places… in the world that we can see… are we going there?” And by “all” places I meant pleasurable and exciting destinations that I was eager to explore.

The visit wasn’t as boring as I imagined it would be. It was disturbing. On the way back, I was quiet.

Several questions such as “Why can’t we drink tap water in grandma’s house? What is in the tap water? Where does our garbage go?” had been answered on that day.

22 March 2017

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