Edible, Local Forests Belong To The World’s Forests

Painting by Jennifer Tyers. Visit her website @ https://www.jennifertyers.com.au/

While the forests that are honoured on this day (International Day of Forests) are old growth forests, starting an edible forest in your urban environment, even growing a mini forest in a tiny yard, is a step towards engaging with forests and appreciating what they do for us.

Almost no one can do big things since March 2020. But we can do small things and restore and balance the relationships near us – with the plants and the people living in the neighbourhood and close by.

I feel encouraged by trends like the recent house plant boom and last year’s food growing efforts all over the world. They are creating new demands in the economy and rewards to essential economies. They also make people more knowledgeable, curious about the ecology, aware of what they can do with the resources that they already have, and willing to nurture what is growing around them. The attitudinal shift to love and caring, however accidental and due to a restrictive situation, is worthy of support. 

I assure you that thinking about the plants that you are growing is more healing to your psyche than thinking about situations in the past that led to heart ache or to nothing. By reorienting your mind towards what you grow, you grow your mental health too, you grow attitudes that you will benefit from in the future, and you curb wasteful spending.

21 March 2021

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