In Agreement With The Love In Your Heart

Painting by Timon Sloane. Start exploring his luminous body of work @

Give attention to the things and the people you really like.

This is how you live in love, connected with your heart and your guidance. This is how you raise your vibration.

The key is to do it consciously: to make it a priority, which it is.

When you honour your time and honour your love with your time, you can face the lukewarm aspects of life with equanimity, and a lot of frustrations, time and energy vampires fall away too. Surprise, surprise: synchronicities pop up. You attract more of the same energies. For love is contagious and connective; we bask in love as we bask in the sun.

Be clear with yourself about what is time wasted and what time you don’t mind “wasting” because you are with those you want to be and doing what you love. This is the flip side of the message, ‘Give attention to the things and the people you really like’, and your choice, every single day.

24 June 2017,

dawn on Saturday

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