Apply Imagination, Apply Love

Gadgets are nice, an endless supply of resources and time are pleasant though unattainable for most of us. But true creativity doesn’t come from things or from the investment of time or money. Creativity rises from three ingredients: imagination, the ability to work with limitations, and love. Love makes the other two possible. It is love that motivates you to improve and refine … anything! It is love that provides the energy to make a dream real.

If it was about resources, the Kardashians would be the greatest virtuosos under the sun, the most creative, the most inspiring people you could encounter. They may think of themselves along those lines; but you know that they are the only ones who do.

Don’t use the excuse of “no time”, “no money”, “obligations”, “no PR” and whatever sounds convenient in the moment to leave your vision unfinished. If you have the imagination and the love, you will work with the limitations and transcend them.

Keep going. A vision is given to you with the intent that you bring it forth.

#courage #love #persevere

22 May 2017

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