A Thread Throughout Time: True Family

Copper Art by John Searles, @ http://www.searlesart.com/

There is a spiritual lineage and a creative lineage. The former are the people who influenced your spiritual path, the latter the people who influenced your sense of style and the content of your creativity.

I used to think that the choice was purely instinctual, as the song goes, “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing”. But now — that I let it all hang out — I see a thread between those I respect and love and me. There is a vibe that unites us all and a great deal of common ground.

That is the cause for the attraction. It may be subconscious first, or a feeling of intense love for your own life in their presence or when you think of them — which is the kundalini energy messaging you; and it turns conscious once the energy reaches into your mind, or, in more prosaic terms, once you contemplate what you love.

It relates to you: they are kin.

Not in universal terms, as in “all our relations” where every life is connected to another and serves another; but in intimate and close ways. I.e., I am not talking of universal good will and unconditional love, but of the people you are connected to in an emotional, spiritual and ideological way. They are your True Family.

When you find them, you are grateful beyond what you have known before and what you can express and your energy expands.

There is no manipulation there, no rude awakenings, no upmanship, none of the negativity that marks many other relations.

16 September 2015


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