Just Do It, And You Will Mend (Healers and Art Healers)

Hygeia. Sculpture by Giuseppe Moretti, detail.

The idea that we have to represent something, “be someone”, or satisfy some stereotypical expectations before we can create or heal is inaccurate.

In fact, an excessive obsession with self, or how you portray yourself, will not allow you to be a hollow bone for healing or creativity.

So the next time someone says “Heal Yourself Before You Heal Others” know that they have little to no experience with the process of surrender and that their left brain is in overdrive, judging something noone can fully fathom, not even the most gifted.

Empirically “Heal Thyself Before You Heal Others” has worked for a very tiny group of people.

Just do it. Don’t wait for perfection or “worthiness” before you get going. Start, and let the process lead you and teach you.

Remember how you learned as a child. You tried and tried until you did it well. Whether you thought “I can do this” or “I can not do it” was really quite beside the point.

This “absorbed” kind of learning – showing up honestly, without preconceptions, but determined to get it right – is what makes you good at anything.

First immerse yourself; then chat about it. The verbal mind is only equipped to speak of things it is intimate with, yet it tries to interfere when it knows nothing! Let it draw conclusions after it has witnessed the process, not before or while you are in it.

Confidence comes from doing it, seeing it happen, seeing its effects, not from thinking about it or from picking the most approved words for it.

The higher power is working through you when you get out of the way. Let it, and you will heal.


6 March 2015

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