Alpha State Of Mind

You don’t create from inner noise and distraction. (You can think thoughts in that space, but they will be based on suggestion, imitation, and the mind making sense of the outer reality.)

You create from the quiet place within. The ideas that arrive into the quiet are gold, and they are new.

When you become quiet like that, you also see people as they are and not as they pretend to be. Trust what you are experiencing.


I have the hunch that we (only) feel refreshed by a mind that knows the same level of silence, or maybe more, than ourselves. What we call preferences – the awareness that some people affect us more than others and certain artworks touch us more than others – could be a receptiveness to the alpha state – in the mind of a creator or friend. Once we zone in on it, we can choose the most helpful energy, the one that keeps the heart open and keeps us lit with wonder.


18 November 2014

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