Drama Is Hollow. Love Makes You Whole.

– Love Versus Dramatic Relationships –

Love is friendly, creates order and sense. Love touches you deep in your being that you want to live. Love fosters processes within you through which you are healing. Being loved enhances your joie de vivre. Loving enhances your creativity. Because a lover is a creator, and a creator is a lover.

If a deep love lets you feel all the damage in the past, let it! You might need to feel through the hurts again in order to leave the past in the past. Unlike a dramatic relationship that pushes your buttons to upset you and rob you of peace, love brings you into the present moment and lets you say good-bye to old programs and scenes that you wish to forget.

(Consider yourself very lucky if you have nothing in your bio that you want to forget and if you accept everything. You protected your resources well, and your attitude is admirable.)

Love includes everything, though it high-lights the good. Love restores your will to live and adds to it. Love endears you to life.

Love overthrows conformity and the fear of standing out, of being real. You were not meant to endure everything. Apathy to the pollution of the waters and the earth has to do with the lack of love in humanity. Love makes you clear in the head, warm in the heart, loyal to life, firm in your stand.

Dramatic relationships do the opposite, they weaken you.

19 August 2014

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