Personal Love

Painting by Jeannie Vodden. Her gorgeous artwork is at

Just for today, I am grateful to all the people who made my life a little or a lot easier.

This gratitude comes from the gut; it is solid and familiar; it floods me with appreciation for their love.

The real thing is much better than all narratives about love. The real thing satisfies and makes you strong inside. No narrative can do that; no narrative can leave you strong and satisfied.

When nurtured in the right way, in a way that you have been seen and cared for individually, you can nurture others in a way that is right for them, that makes them strong individually.

A culture that has forgotten about personal love loses all wisdom and connection, and perhaps that is where the biggest challenge is for our time. To love others as family, not just as ideas.

The challenge is in the fact that love aims to serve. Love will serve — once love is established in the person — rather than correct, prove a point, or irritate….

It is so simple in principle. We only have to remember it.


22 June 2016


#SoulFamily #SoulPartner #emotionalintelligence #nofearinrelationships

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