Connective Intelligence: Your Song Attracts a Home

Oriole in nest. Not my own pic. A scene quite like that inspired my words.

In spring,
the birds sing to attract a mate.
The male sings to adore the female
who, with some luck, will adore him back.
The plants overhear the courtship
and thrive from indirect love.
Research has shown that
bird song boosts the growth of greens.
So while wooing their future partners,
birds sing to their future homes,
the bushes and the trees that will shelter
their eggs, their young, their families.

Would this principle work for you?
Why not? Aren’t you nature too?

Try this, then:
Sing your song of love
and attract the home,
attract the lover,
attract the family life of your dreams.
You never know who listens,
who will grow from your song,
who will stretch and blossom,
whose stretching and blossoming will turn into a green home,
and one of these homes will be home
to the song in your heart too.
Sing with the voice of love,
if you want the Divine Feminine to notice:
the higher the quality of your offering,
the more wholesome the beauty you will attract.
Your soul can live in spring
again and again
once you decide to touch ears
with the song of your love.

or the Goddess in my ear,
17 May 2015

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