Hot Calm, and All Organic

Elderberry blossom,
that scent is a winner.
One part flower, one part sweat,
with staying power and sunshine within,
it welcomes summer,
butterflies and bees
that know a good thing
when they smell it,
just like me.

Elderberry blossom,
white and yellow delight.
To the wind, you are rapture.
To the people, you are medicine
era after era.
In your syrup,
I find my childhood
and a suave ally
for apricots and almonds,
my favourite foods.

Elderberry bush,
every piece of you is a healer:
the bark, the wood, the leaves,
the flower and the fruit.
You repair the body,
while you sizzle
with style. Sweet, sensual and steady,
that is you.
Is there a love realer than yours?
Is there a power greater than yours?
Grow your dark fruit for the fall.
Let me linger in your perfume.

15 June 2015

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