First Thing In the Morning

Mandala by Nicole North, founder of Ministry of the Heart. Made for this writing.

Make time for your core self, and listen to what it has to say. Let the message carry you into the day.

Peace is yours when you meet you first. It makes you glow like nothing else.

You have a power inside you that elevates all life and makes every thing and everyone more vibrant.

Your compassion is only one part of it, of this gift. Your challenge is to offer yourself to this power that is larger than compassion: to the love that encompasses all and the wisdom that knows how to use the hours of the day, all your resources, and the conduit, your own body.

So start the day with quiet time with yourself. Follow other obligations and interests later.

You are love’s fountain and its sea. You are love’s origin and love’s destination.

3 March 2015

#meditation #quiettime #morninghours

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