Nurtured by Love

full moon at dawn, on 11 August 2014

Thank you, life, for never letting me go for too long without feeling loved.

Thank you, mind, for knowing that that was meaningful – to not only adore and shower love on others – but to also feel the love coming to me.

Feeling unloved, never getting enough love, never acknowledging the love being given, never moving love in others, and also going through life being uncared for and unloved, as Mother Theresa has called the poverty of the West, are states that trouble and afflict the mind. These are root causes of most addictions. They are more common than the opposite – deep peace, inner freedom, the savouring of love, and gratitude.

My heart goes out to people who suffer deprivation of or greed for love, or both. May they know love. May love saturate and satisfy them.

May love sweeten everyone’s life.

On full moon, 10 August 2014

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