True to Love

Sculpture by Amber International Trading

When your loved one is falling apart, and you remain strong, you are serving love.

In the same way, when the world is in anguish, frightened or blue, and you remain strong, you are serving love.

You can not always choose strength over getting affected. But when you can, do it. It will have a positive influence on the other and on all others.

The more we love a person, the more we partake in the same energy field, the better we vibe. Emotions are contagious. That is fine as long as it is a constructive or ecstatic energy.

But when one gets sick, the other – or the community – can help him get well by staying solid and functional.

That is a practice that has almost gone extinct. But one that our own body does when we feel pain — the rest of it doesn’t resign, it doesn’t start challenging the place of pain or give it more stress: it lets the painful place rest but keeps going.

The principle is given to us by our physique. We know that it works.

When we apply it to temporary situations in our relationships, we do not only uplift and heal them, we have introduced a skill that will be useful over and over again.

(The approach is for issues with an expiry date. Let’s say, problems that can mend within a year.

Not recommended for chronic behaviours, nor an excuse to not enforce boundaries when they are needed, or where stronger measures are appropriate.)

May it be of benefit.

28 November 2015

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