Curiosity Is the Arrow to Purpose

Curiosity – you can’t fake it until you make it.

It determines whether you can learn and understand something or someone.

Find out what (and who!) makes you curious. Don’t worry too much about what doesn’t or why; there are many reasons, many of them subconscious and linked to the law of attraction. Time is too precious: you want to spend it on something and with someone you are truly into.

A deep, lasting attraction shows you the direction you are meant to follow. Don’t be too surprised if you discover your life’s purpose just there! You will always be curious about it, it will always pique your interest, you simply find the energy for it, and it refreshes you.

Go for it. It is the best way to live.

I want to add: I am talking about curiosity that is light and comes without baggage, not something that spins out of control. Only harmless attractions endure and keep you young forever. You feel ‘it’: ‘it’ connects you to the young girl, the young boy in you.

19 April 2015
in the frog concert

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