Why Wolves Howl: Guess

If I could howl like them, I would do it too!

My thought last night when I listened to the wolves howling.

Scientists have suggested that wolves howl for a variety of reasons: to communicate with their pack and dearest ones, to attract a mate, out of distress, loneliness, to mark territory, etc..

Both the males and the females howl. And because we are projecting our human perceptions, most ideas have a bias toward lack and deprivation (of love, sex, company, well-being, or “respect”…. and wolves howl to change their situation.)

What about if their howling is based in the opposite: abundance, a very high level of pleasure, even ecstasy?

What about if they howl to say, “Wooohooooo! I am aliiiiive! Hey listen, family, to the sounds I can make! Hey, Creator, thank you for the marvellous crowd I am with! Thank you for this life! Woohoo! I am alive, I am alive! And howling is so much fun. Hooooooowl. I am an awesome singer too! Hey, hey, have you heard anything hotter than this?”

And the pack answers: “Naaaaah. You are It! You rock the show. We’ll join you too. Hooooowl. We are alive. Life is great! Hooooooowl.”

Don’t be too surprised if a study comes out in the future that shows that wolves howl because they like their voices, the sounds they can make, and to elevate their brain chemistry.

Pleasure is its own reason. In short: wolves howl because they can. And because it makes them feel good.

23 August 2015

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