Muse and Attitude

Mosaic by Helen Miles

The Muse can be anything that gives you wings: a very wholesome state, children, a partner you love very much, an unforgettable person you feel grateful to, a piece of art, a piece of music, an event that lets you feel why you are here, a sanctuary or land that is like a piece of paradise to you.

While anger, deprivation, sadness can be very motivating forces to change the conditions you live in, they are not the Muse, though they can be the fuel to reach out to, and find, a Muse.

Your Muse is what inspires YOU. It is not perfection. It needn’t offer perfect receptivity to the ways it moves you either. Anything can become a Muse that you can imagine serving and growing for. You can adjust your attitude too and choose a new Muse every single day. This choice is not random, though.

For a Muse elicits the feelings that you want to feel.

(“Everything”, just breathing, or “life” can not do that.)

Here is the nifty part: those feelings are specific to you. No one can teach you how to draw out those feelings. You can foster the conditions in which those feelings will rise, once you have felt them and know them. Even so, leave space for the wild, for the unknown, for right timing.

With the right attitude, you can make steps and leaps forward into a life where your Muse becomes a permanent reality, as something that lives inside you, that makes you want to manifest and adore, that gives you new reasons to express yourself again, although you have done it so many times before, because you enjoy it and it refreshes you.

Energies similar to your Muse will be refreshed and take in more joy too. By noticing new activity in the morphic field, through resonance, and through those invisible threads of interbeing.

21 January 2018

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