In the Garden, On a Sunny Friday Afternoon

Painting by Ahzad Bogosian

Here and there, we make an exception. Overall, we choose, and live in, patterns.

Observe your good patterns – the pattern to be generous and humane, the pattern to do good, the pattern to make healthy choices, for example – and use them as your foundation.

By putting the spotlight on the good, you discourage lesser patterns. You even discover your value system; because everything that is well in your life is something you value. From there, from the foundation of what is good, you can overcome anything that doesn’t serve you, that is not moving you toward your highest good, and all that stuff that life throws at you.

Nurture your foundation, for everything grows from it.

Doing that, you will waste less and less time on things that have no resonance to your life energy, and you won’t worry so much anymore why this or that didn’t work out. It is easy to avoid distractions and lesser choices when you are anchored – in what matters to you.

To the point: dharma is what works well.

Dharma is not what does not work all too well. You were not born to be destructive to yourself, or to others, or to have some kind of lukewarm, reactive existence.

You were born to live fully, with an ecstatic body and mind, your heart pumping every day for you to move with its energy. Life is a gift, and being grateful to life feels great and can be your state every single day.

22 May 2015

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