Lighten Up, to Shine Ethic

Just for today,
I am grateful
for how generously
the sun loves the earth
and makes all life grow
since the beginning of time.

That gives me hope
for the human being
who after discovering the sun within
can love in a way that affirms the self
– “it is fun to be me, it is fun to be love” –
and is totally harmless to all,
benign and inspiring and constant.

The sun has few haters.
They exist, ironically, only in the human race.
The reply I imagine to their “challenge” is:

“Kids, boys and girls,
please take off your bad, bad sun glasses
and go outside
so you can admire my work
and find peace within.
In the meantime, I got some more things to do.
I got to keep shining.”

how that attitude and shine ethic
could lighten up the human being

and bring some chuckles
to those in the know.

12 April 2015

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