Harmony Within, Harmony Without

The thoughts you think while you are at peace are gold – pure gold. You feel the true you, you hear your truth clearly when you are at peace.

The thoughts you think when you are reacting to a situation, when you are hurt, sad, agitated, trying to self-soothe are blurry in comparison and have an expiration date. Once the situation passes, you can not even recall them fully, they are that fleeting and easy to give up. Because they don’t rise from your true wants, needs and motivation and not from the being within. You wouldn’t shed them so fast, if they were precious to you.

When you spend time at peace, you grow everything that is close to your heart very easily. You notice your self before all distractions and before all demands that are imposed on you from the outside. You notice what it is that you want to express and what your real need is.

It is key that you make time for peace, because from that alignment, your life becomes yours.

You also refresh yourself in the peace. You discover a steady love that helps you navigate through the chaos outside. You discover the life you were meant to live.

You can align with the peace within with a group, with your own family, with your partner. People who meditate together grow together in a beautiful way and raise beautiful results. (I have evidence of it with my son and with my meditation groups — there is a warm and relaxed kinship between us.)

But you don’t need to wait for others to find their peace or to meditate with you or to respect your need for calm, you can start on your own and simply claim it.

In the peace within, you will find your sanctuary.

It will broadcast out, because the actions that you take will be the fruit of your meditation and not quite like what everyone else is doing. And more to the point, you will feel content and alive and one with the drum in your heart.

Your centre is your sacred space within. It is yours for your entire life, so get familiar with it.

25 December 2015

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