Kindness Is the Way

It takes a lot of effort to change a habit, thinking and processing of situations. Most people won’t put in the effort. Accept people as they are. You can love them. You can resolve to not harm them. You can tolerate them. You can even learn from them! You will achieve more by letting them be than by interfering with your views about who they could be. Rest assured that you don’t know their potential – it is up to life to bring it out. Only the all-knowing being knows another’s potential, and you are not that, I am afraid to inform you.

Kindness is the way. When you can not be kind to others, be kinder to yourself for a while: take back projections and make your life more beautiful. Why don’t you take this moment and take another step in self-love now?

31 August 2014

Painting by © Samantha French

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