From Within

The quieter you get, the more you discern, the better you know all that matters to you.

For a few hours, the noise could drown out your knowing, the pace could muffle the need to tend to what is most important.

But once back in the quiet you will be reminded again of what your walk is about, of where you are going and how you will take your next step.

You will know what to do. You will know how you feel.

The alert, undefended, raw moment is a gift you can tap in:

your home, your wisdom, your compass.

And maybe no one sees that, like water, you steer your course and stay free and clear.

But you know what is true and how to keep flowing and that your next teacher will not be another crisis, another pain, another surprise, but what is coming from within and how it waters the space around you and makes it music:

really good music you want to listen to.

Forever, if possible.

1 April 2016

Painting by Nikki Marie Smith

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