Feeling the Sources of Love In Your Life

At times Great Mystery puts people in your life who make your life easier.

One day you will conclude that those were your true friends, your true loves.

Put your hand on your heart, and bring these people to mind now.

Connect to them through your heart, and telepathically send them your thanks and warmth.

This week, this month, connect with those who are still alive and appreciate them for their caring, concern and affection, in words, through a thoughtful service, or a gift they really, really like that will let them know how you feel.


How would you affect your attitude if you thought more about those who love you, who truly impressed you by their being, who made things easy and lovely for you? People who did not draw from you, but gave to you; who did not ignore you, but cared for you; who did not play mind games on you, but supported you; who did not approach you to sell you another dubious product or philosophy, but made you feel wanted and who accepted you; who did not try to take advantage of you, but felt for you and your situation; who did not belittle you, but were fond of you?


Tell me your answer after you thanked those who made and make a difference to you.

on 23 August 2014


Photo by © Kathi W Armstrong.

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