Playa’s Tricks

Broadcast and print media are acting like the playa who pretends to be your lover: dropping one provocation after another, making you doubt your sanity, ignoring what you communicated through your words and choices — with the aim to wear you down or to react impulsively, against your best interests.

Reactionary choices are not what builds the future you dream about. They are only replies to a limited offer of choices that they suggest to put you on the spot and to keep lying to you about what is available, and to highly effective crazymaking.

Anything that is meant to last requires deep thought.

The louder the toxic forces become, the more followers they get on YouTube, the larger the audience they mislead grows, the less powerful they feel. Let them scream their hollow bullshit.

Focus on building what you want to see and recall what inspired it. When there is an abundance of deception and abuse, the sane and healing will shine all the more.

Hold onto your values as they are enjoying their 15 min of fame.

The Earth is a treasure trove. Use your power to care for and revive the treasures.

6 December 2018

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