“To Love Water Is To Love Ourselves, To Love Life.”

Jason’s words. I could not express it better.

“In my work with water, the message I have received has been one of abiding strength and unassailable life. Water is a most clarifying medicine with the power to cleanse, to wear down any obstacle, to dissolve any calcified blockage, to freeze the overwrought, and to lift and carry the spirit. It is a fully conscious cosmic being with the utmost of patience, power and flexibility. And it loves us. It is us. It loves that we are rebuilding our relationship with it, with ourselves, and that we are reawakening to its lessons, just in time, not for its sake but for our own. We cannot harm this being of infinite patience and rejuvenation. We only harm ourselves if we choose to return to sleep. But we will not return to sleep. It is not our way. We have awoken to water consciousness and are reestablishing a sacred relationship and collaboration. To love water is to love ourselves, to love life. If we patiently learn from its transformations and follow its twists and turns, its vapors and crystals, its tumbles and sprays all the way to the ocean within us, then it will not let us down. It will fill us with joy and wholeness and vibrant good health. And it will help us release our form into the cosmic sea at the end. Beloved Water, the Ashes of Hydrogen, the primordial consciousness, the builder of worlds, the progenitor of life resides outside of time and outlasts all. In becoming fully conscious of water, and its three brothers and sisters, we will peacefully correct our unconscious behavior and move forward with self-love, transformational flow and deep serenity.”

Jason White,

on March 16, 2014

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