May Day

Neighbourhood cherry trees

Happy May Day.

May is the time of the year when our ancestors observed the mating, seeding of new life and sex in the animal and plant world and celebrated it with folk customs such as May Day, weddings and festivals that asked for the bounty, and the blessing, of mother earth in their relationships and family lives. Farmers from many cultures take care to be gentle with mother earth in her pregnancy – the season of spring. People of today who are in touch with nature do these things consciously. The rest of humanity does it unconsciously. Because it is in our genes to react to nature, even while asleep or with senses that are dulled for some reason.

It is my pleasure to make you more sensitive to these processes. So you can deepen your bond with nature and your well-being too.

Have a sunlit, sexy and spiritually uplifting time, everyone.

May Day 2014

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