Noteworthy In 2019

The best phrase I heard this year (and I have overheard a long list of fabulous wisdoms that gave me “aha” moments and deep, wonderful pauses) was that we weren’t born only to make money and to lose weight.

It is okay to make money and to lose weight, of course, to make more money and to lose more weight, but these goals are not the purpose of your life. It doesn’t matter that the culture is suggesting day in, day out that money gain and weight loss are the road to fulfilment… instead of minor achievements that fluctuate, are quite transient, and can help satisfy you a little bit in the moment, though never in the big picture of what life is about and what you are meant to do with your time while you own it.

Only purpose leads to fulfilment. (You might amass wealth or enjoy your optimal weight in the process, but your purpose is not in altering certain numbers; your purpose is much bigger than that. It is also much more important than all those small goals that give you tunnel vision.)

14 December 2019

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