Look Deeply: Watch Your Consumption

The scrutiny you apply when you read the content on some jar that you will consume, use it when you read information. Or, if you are good at assessing the information you read, read the ingredients on the products you consume with the same discernment. (Only great musicians deserve groupies. Even that is debatable. IContinue reading “Look Deeply: Watch Your Consumption”

Animal Being, In Romance

Have you ever noticed that the courtship between animals is a lot more stylish than ours? A display of abilities that are cool and fun – flying, dancing, singing, home building. Thought for the week: All males on this planet are wired to impress. The two-legged are no different. Men want to impress, love toContinue reading “Animal Being, In Romance”

Neighbourly Thanks – While Social Distancing

Be safe. Be well. Send your gratitude to the nurses, doctors, hospital staff for their courage and service to life. Be grateful for everyone helping in this crisis, everyone providing you with necessities, everyone kind and sane, everyone who choses prosocial, neighbourly behaviour. Find the good in self-isolation. This too shall pass.  NJ, 17 MarchContinue reading “Neighbourly Thanks – While Social Distancing”

Friday after #EarthDay

honour your commitment that you have renewed or chosen on Earth Day. Today we are meeting in our healing circle for the well-being of all life on earth. We say thanks to everything that is good, effortless and beautiful in our life; thanks to the cultivation of emotional stability; thanks to our elders who foughtContinue reading “Friday after #EarthDay”

Refine, Appreciate, Co-Create

#newmoon #April #newmooninTaurus #selfnurturing #renewalfromwithin Last night’s moon infused the air with a high-quality and genuine energy. A reminder that it is alright to beautify the spaces you spend time in, regardless of what everyone else is doing, how much it may be overlooked or appreciated, and whether the timing is right – because youContinue reading “Refine, Appreciate, Co-Create”

Earth Day 2020

Staying plastic-free during the pandemic has become very challenging. Most people claim that it is almost impossible in most regions. If you have embarked on a zero waste journey too, all I can say now is that the process (research and new choices) is something no one can take away from us – and thatContinue reading “Earth Day 2020”

February Miracle

In the last months, I noticed that I am no longer attracted to “chaotic vibes” that used to hook into me energetically in the past. Via relationships. It isn’t easy being the sober and grounded one among addicts; it is hard to be the spiritual and compassionate one among the personality disordered — let meContinue reading “February Miracle”